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new dynamoose.Instance()

This class allows you to create a new instance of Dynamoose, allowing for easy multi-region AWS requests.

By default Dynamoose will create a default instance for you automatically. This both ensures backwards compatibility, and allows for an easy to use API for users not using this feature.

const otherDynamooseInstance = new dynamoose.Instance();

This object has the same interface as Meaning you can run and all other methods on that object.

const otherDynamooseInstance = new dynamoose.Instance(); DynamoDB.DynamoDB({
"region": "us-west-1"
})); DynamoDB.DynamoDB({
"region": "us-east-1"
note is a global object. Meaning all instances will share the same object. There is currently no way to set a custom object for a specific instance.

new instance.Table(name, [models][, config])

Once again, this has the same interface as dynamoose.Table(). The only difference is that all table commands will be run through this instances object.