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Dynamoose JSDoc Support is in beta.

Dynamoose has JSDoc documentation for all exposed functions and properties. This means in editors such as VSCode you can see the documentation for functions and properties as you hover over them.


What does beta mean in terms of JSDoc support?

JSDoc Beta Support means that documentation might be wrong or missing. In the event you notice this, please submit a pull request or issue.

Does JSDoc Support being in beta mean I shouldn't use it?

NO. We recommend using and testing JSDoc support despite it being in beta. It just means that you should be aware that documentation might be incorrect or incomplete. If you notice any problems please submit a pull request or issue.

Should I trust the JSDoc documentation or Dynamoose documentation more?

In the event the JSDoc documentation and Dynamoose documentation don't line up or give different information, you should always consider the Dynamoose documentation as the primary source of truth. If you have reason to believe both are incorrect or the JSDoc documentation is more accurate than the documentation, please submit a pull request or issue.

What should I do if I have additional questions?